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Choquequirao Trek Classic 4D/3N
Choquequirao is perfectly located
as it is a connection between the high
Amazon Jungle and the city of Cusco.
Choquequirao Trek to Machupicchu 8D/7N
Entrancingly off the increasingly trod track,
Choquequirao trek (“Cradle of Gold” in Quechua — “The Other Machu Picchu”,
as a 2007 article in the New York Times called it).
Choquequirao Salkantay Inca Trail 12Days
Choquequirao ruins, remote Yanama, hiking alongside the magnificent apu Salkantay,
the varied and amazing ruins along the Inca Trail,
arriving at the Sun Gate over Machu Picchu
Choquequirao Trek to Machupicchu 8 Days Location:cusco
View Trip 8 Days
Choquequirao Salkantay Inca Trail 12D Location:cusco
View Trip 12 Days

Welcome to Choquequirao Trek Company!

CHOQUEQUIRAO TREKis an adventure trekking specialist that offers unique experiences to little known wilderness places. Our adventure hikes are specifically and carefully designed, and you will find many of them ONLY on this site.

Welcome to Peru

When create the company we was looking to diversity and variety of the trip from Choquequirao to Machupicchu, designing our first series of adventure trips for hikers, we felt strongly that “challenge builds character”. A long the years we acquired experiences to founded this company, our philosophy are create memorable trip for all outdoor life people choosing the best sceneries and safety area to have serious fun…the adventures all over the Andes is our passion and looking for new challenge and adventure thinking in you, you grow in ways you can never imagine. We are proud of the reputation Choquequirao Trek Companyhas developed over the years. We strive to provide a unique and enriching experience for everyone. The comments of the travelers on the Choquequirao Trail were very helpful for us to innovate the trips and personally service to our clients, thanks to the report of the hikers we are motivate to push on the company to provide a property service. We have the most frequent departures of any agency in Cusco on the challenging 8 day Choquequirao trek to Machu Picchu route!

Choquequirao Trek Classic 4 Days:

As far is the history of the Incas that need more time to explore and to share your time with the nature and try to back at 600 years to get idea about them, when was the Incas territory, after collapse and capture by the conquers to do landlords slave. Choquequirao is not a ruins there a town abandoned by the last survivors of the Incas civilization, there are exist temples, worship house and nobles house is clear to see how close the sharing the holy live. On this hiking on the bottom of the mountain gods is traveling through the time and using the real pilgrim trail which is connect to the Peruvian cost to transport food and communicates with others…read more

Choquequirao to Machu Picchu 8 Days:

This expedition will take you to two of the major archaeological sites in the Cusco-area: CHOQUEQUIRAO and MACHU PICCHU. The legend of Machu Picchu is already known all over the world. …read more